Eva is an energy healer, spiritual teacher, holistic therapist, intuitive reader and ThetaHealing® Instructor/Teacher

Eva began her spiritual journey more than 13 years ago on a 10 day silent Vipassna meditation retreat in Nepal, since then she has attended numerous self & spiritual development programmes and runs her own healing and spiritual practice. Eva is a wife, a mother to two wonderful children and lives in London and manages her healing practice.

Eva has travelled to explore ancient eastern meditation techniques and spiritual programmes in Nepal and India. She has studied counselling psychology. She is passionate about learning the ancient knowledge and intergrate them  into her teachings so her clients and students grow and flourish mentally, emotionally, spiritually  and financially.

In the last 13 years Eva has attended numerous seminars in the areas of holistic health, wealth consciousness, personal and spiritual development programmes.

Eva has been a student of a Spiritual Guru from India for over 5 years. She completed numerous courses and learnt about revolutionary tools and techniques for life solutions and human evolution which combines ancient wisdom and modern day science to address everything from health, wealth,  relationships and spiritual evolution.

Eva is a gifted intuitive and very passionate about helping her clients and students to grow spiritually and live their authentic selves. Eva also runs spiritual experience and teaching – volunteering programme in Nepal.

Eva believes living your authentic self is empowering and helps us discover our life’s true purpose .

“We begin to trust our intuition once we start living our authentic selves”-Eva Ghale Mistry

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. Lao Tzu


  • ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced Practitioner and Teacher
  • Theta Healing® Dig Deeper Practitioner and Teacher
  • Theta Healing® Planes of Existence Practitioner
  • Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner
  • Theta Healing® Manifesting & Abundance Practitioner
  • Theta Healing® Family Ties Practitioner
  • Theta Healing® Soul Mates Practitioner
  • Theta Healing® Rhythm To A Perfect Weight Practitioner
  • Theta Healing® You And Inner Circle Practitioner
  • Emotional Release Therapy Practitioner ( Releasing emotions using essential oils on the accupuncture pressure points )
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Certificate Usui Reiki Practitioner Level 1& 2
  • Vipassna Silent  Meditation Programme
  • Millionaire Yoga Programme
  • Ganesha Consciousness Programme
  • Soul Genetics Programme
  • Unleash The Power Within -Fire Walk-Tony Robbins
  • Dr.Brian Weiss Many Lives Many Masters past life regression Therapy
  • Universe Has Your Back Workshop – Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Yogic Siddhi Power Programme
  • Introduction to Naturopathy course – Deepak Chopra
  • Numerology Diploma
  • Light Body Activation Programme

Insured by Balens
Location : West London