Manifesting Abundance With Full Moon Energy- Invoke Lakshmi- GoddessOf Prosperity & Abundance – Through Thetahealing Technique Meditation Evening

Host: Eva Ghale Mistry

Join energy healer, spiritual and transformational coach – Thetahealing teacher, Eva Ghale Mistry for this powerful meditation evening.  Eva will guide you step by step through simple Full Moon Ritual and Prosperity Ritual and through thetahealing channel live Divine Source Energy to call upon Goddess of Abundance – Lakshmi to establish prosperity and abundance within your consciousness to create the life that you love.

We would like to invite you to attend our Powerful meditation evening during Full Moon on 5th of October.

Goddess Lakshmi is the bestower of power, wealth, luxury, beauty, happiness, feritlity and contenment. Destroys- confusion & poverty consciousness. Her sacred name is Shri. The word “Shri” evokes amongst other things: Grace, Affluence, Auspiciousness and Authority. When the word is spoken or written, an aura of Holiness is established.

You will also discover thetahealing technique, how effective and life-changing this type of energy healing is. You’ll be shown how beliefs are created, how to recognise deeply held beliefs and how you can instantly reprogram them. We’ll also be changing the blocks around feeling and beliefs around lack “poverty consciousness” and transform them to create abundance and prosperity in your lives. Do you know your abundance blocks? Many of us feel stuck financially. We wish we had more money, feeling like we’ll just never get ahead, much less afford the “extras” that we often dream about, but seem so far out of reach.


  • £14.99
  • Two for £24
  • On the door: £18 per person (cash only)
  • On the door Two for £30(subject to availability)


Columbia Hotel
95-99 Lancaster Gate
London W2 3NS

If you have never meditated and want to learn about meditation with powerful thetahealing technique, then come along to find out how simple it can be. Even if you do not meditate on other days and meditate just on the Full Moon day, the effect is tremendously powerful. This is because the Full Moon is the day for prosperity and enlightenment. It will take care of both your material needs and spiritual needs.

Meditation evening includes:

  • Receive free energised Goddess Lakshmi figurine(1 per person )
  • Powerful manifesting with the Full Moon ritual
  • Thetahealing guided meditation through channeling Goddess Lakshmi to open your consciousness to abundance and wealth
  • Learn a simple yet powerful prosperity ritual to open the door to wealth.

What is Theta Healing®?

Theta Healing® is a personal development and energy healing modality. It uses Divine Source Energy for healing and transformation. From tranforming limiting beliefs, manifesting, trauma release, working with Guardian angels, spirit guides, chakras and so much more. Vianna Stibal founded the modality over 20 years ago and her books are published by Hay House, the world leading mind, body, spirit publisher. Theta Healing® is in 152 countries around the world by over 350,000 certified and accredited practitioners. It’s even being used in hospitals in Japan.

How Theta Healing® clears negative beliefs

A Theta Healing® practitioner connects to Divine Source Energy and intuitively scans the body for energy blocks, identify any self-limiting belief, feelings and traumas. Then a command or prayer is made to direct this energy to instantly change to self-limiting beliefs into empowering new beliefs. This is all done through the energy of All That Is – the energy in everything.

It’s when you and your practitioner are in the meditative theta state that your old beliefs can be changed. And getting into a meditative state is very simple, as your practitioner guides you through this in simple and easy steps.

Why should we meditate on the Full Moon Day ?

The Full Moon phase is the most important of all moon phases. During this time enhance the  powers of creativity, abundance and prosperity.

Moon has the ability to influence your mind. It affects the whole being and the environment.

On the Full Moon day itself, there is a tremendous amount of energy available on the earth plane.

Many enlightened beings visit the earth plane during this time and their blessings are abundantly available for humanity.

During Full Moon, you can connect with the Divine energies abundantly available to obtain wealth consciousness.

Full Moon time windows provide a sacred opportunity to turn around your fortune.

Open your Consciousness to Abundance and Wealth on this Full Moon through Invoking the energies of Goddess Lakshmi the bringer of wealth and abundance

About the organisers

Eva will share tools and techniques using thetahealing & eastern techniques- live channeling of Divine Source Energy while invoking Goddess Of Prosperity & Abundance- Lakshmi to open your consciousness towards manifesting wealth & abundance.

How to prepare for this event

  • Set an intention for what you wish to manifest
  • Bring a pen & paper to write your manifesting list
  • Spread the love by sharing this event with friends
  • Come with an open mind and heart to allow more magic through this meditation evening 🙂
  • Come at least 15 mins early to take your seat. Doors are closed at 8:15pm as we will begin with the meditation.

Terms & Conditions

  • This event will be filmed & photographed. By booking this place, you agree to be filmed and photographed.
  • Please arrive at 15 mins before to take your seat. Doors will be closed at 8:15pm. No entry will be permitted after this time to avoid disturbing others during the meditation.
  • No self promotional material will be permitted at the event.
  • No sound or video recording of the event is permitted, other than authorised by event organisers. You can however take photo’s during the event.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferrable to a friend for the date they are issued.
  • By booking these tickets you agree to the terms and conditions listed above.