“I feel at peace now”
Client testimonial #skypesession
I was suffering from a lot of health issues that included upper stomach ,migraine headaches and pelvic issues as well. I was having anxiety attacks and stressed out all the time. I had two sessions with Eva and I feel at peace now. My body is healing and my stress level have been in control.I feel much better. She makes you feel extremely comfortable and calm during the healing process. She has a unique intuition of looking into someone’s issue and heal accordingly. During my two sessions, I felt an immense energy/vibrations around me while she was healing. She is very kind and will follow up with you after sessions just to make sure you are doing ok. She will also recommend diet in cases like mine which is very helpful to start with.I highly recommend having Eva as your healer. This is a different kind of healing technique and it works. It is worth trying and having a great healer makes it even more effective.
Thank you Eva.
Thanks, Sophie .

Since you did thetahealing session for me I feel clear, calm and happy. You are so kind and compassionate and I appreciate you helping me clear the blocks I was having and the pain I was feeling on my lower back.
I don’t feel anxious anymore.
I feel great and very happy since you did thetahealing sessions.
Thank you so much Eva. You are a wonderful gift to this world.
– M. S

**Skype sessions feedback from a client **
#gratitude #skypehealingsession

Since my last healing session, I have felt different in terms of my thought patterns, it is a wonderful feeling of course as I feel more confident and more positive. My headaches seems to have gone now. The forgiveness exercises we did were very effective and I am feeling peaceful, clear and calm.
Thank you so much for the sessions Eva.
I recommend Eva’s healing method to everyone.
– W. R

Thanks a lot for the amazing information, very accurate the one which you have seen between me and my wife. I feel very good with your positive suggestion. Once again thank you for taking out negative energy from my mind and body. God always bless you.

-S.R, London

******thetahealing basic DNA course testimonial ************
I just completed thetahealing basic DNA course with Eva. Thank you so much Eva
The class was amazing.
I highly recommend it to everyone. It has completely transformed my life. I was new to energy healing but in 3 days I had so much in depth knowledge of energy healing work, how simple it is to clear emotional blocks, mental blocks with ease and Eva is an amazing teacher, she has got a real passion for the healing work. She’s a natural teacher and I really enjoyed learning from her.
During the weekend we gained so much experience and knowledge. – Rita, London

****People are noticing a difference in me and asking me what’s the secret and I am telling everyone the secret is thetahealing*******
Hello Eva,
Thank you for the training in Theta Healing.
I really enjoyed the course. You are a very gifted healer and a great teacher. The session you did with me was phenomenal. I feel so peaceful, relaxed and great. Haven’t felt this way since a long time.
People are noticing a difference in me and asking me what’s the secret and I am telling everyone the secret is thetahealing 😀
I am feeling great so thank you so much for everything. – P. X, #London

*******I feel so much lighter and healed******

Thank you for the session Eva, that heart exercise we did was just wow, I laughed, cried, it was weird feeling to begin with but I feel so much lighter and healed. My heart is filled with so much joy and peace.
You are a true blessing. – T. White, London

**** She was very accurate and Intuitive*****

Eva gave me a wonderful experience, she was very accurate and intuitive. I felt great after the session and would recommend everyone to experience her skills.

– Mark, London

I became pregnant after your healing


I did a thetahealing session with Eva, she worked on my relationship issues with my partner, we have been trying to conceive for quite a long time since I had a still birth with my first pregnancy, I had lost hope, didn’t know how it was going to happen for me. But I came across Eva and decided to try thetahealing session, I had a very emotional healing session, I released lots of emotions, I realised I hadn’t grieved for the baby I lost. Since the healing session within two months I became pregnant. Thank you Eva, you are a wise soul, I am so over the moon, I feel good after long time. i became pregnant after your healing. I hope everything goes well with this pregnancy and keep us in your prayers which I know you will. I believe in God and I know all will be well in the future. I recommend Eva’s healing to everyone.

– Maya

******The Unseen Fear I Had Is Gone******


Since taking up Thetahealing Course both Basic & Advanced DNA course from Eva, I feel more connected to the creator. I am working on my personal issues to be healed and feel much better now and the unseen fear I had is gone. Definitely, my life has changed for the better, this is just a beginning of my spiritual journey. Thank you Eva Vianna for such a beautiful healing technique. Thank you Eva for introducing me to this amazing healing modality and to Nepal for the first time. May God bless you and hope thetahealing will be well accepted here in Nepal.

– Bishnu Kumar Ghale, Advanced thetahealing practitioner

My Anxiety and Claustrophobia Is cleared since I learnt and practiced thetahealing


Namaste I am Shweta Gurung from Kathmandu,Nepal. I heard about thetahealing was being taught by Eva Ghale Mistry for the first time. And after reading about the benefits and how it reprogammes your subconscious mind from replacing negative beliefs to positive one, I decided to learn thetahealing Basic Dna course. I was going through anxiety and suffered being claustrophobic. My anxiety and claustrophobia is cleared since I learnt and practised thetahealing technique. Thetahealing has brought lots of positive changes in my life. I used to be very scared of flying and there came a time that I had to travel but was very nervous and excited at the same time. My flight was 6 hourson the way there and return was 4 hours. What surprised during the whole six hours there and back, I had no anxiety, panic attacks and feelings of being claustrophobic. I really enjoyed the flight and felt very calm and relaxed. I knew it was all because of amazing power of thetahealing that I healed. I practice regularly, thetahealing has and is helping me a lot and I am very glad that I took thetahealing course. I highly recommend thetahealing course if anyone is thinking of doing it, you don’t have to be a healer of know anything about it, it is for everyone. Thank you Eva for bringing thetahealing course to Nepal.

-Shweta Gurung, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear Eva, Thank you so much for our session. I was really needing it and it helped so much. Creator sent you when I was in need. You brought back peace into my life. Im so grateful for you to it. Our session was amazing we healed a very important part of my life that had to heal and this will help me to move forward. You are so sweet and loving and very knowledgeable. I look forward in having more sessions with you. Love and blessings.

Maritere Lanz, Texas

I had the pleasure to meet Eva during a thetahealing teachers seminar we both were attending. During that seminar I received a session from her and I was very happy with the result. Eva is a natural intuitive, very kind and welcoming and never judging. She guided and accepted me while helping me to release some old patterns. I would warmly suggest everyone to experiment her ability as a thetahealer and her remarkable human qualities.
A big hug to you, dear Eva, looking forward to meeting you again

Federico Cresta Joshua, Italy

My name is Beena Rai, 69 year of age. I`m happy & healthy today and more powerful than ever. I am very thankful to Eva Ghale Mistry who gave me this new life by her incorporation from the physical- structural to Spiritual. She offers a diversity of treatment, suitable for all clients seeking healing. Her intention to treat each person as the unique individual that they are, while recognizing their intrinsic and highest good. This is such an opportunity like ” Stillness and Tranquility Set things in order in the Universe”. Your spiritual  healing has really changed my life. Thank you so very much.

Beena Rai, Canada

Amazing !!!strong spiritual connection with GOD and ancestral souls, honest and to the point ,we were not rushed and allowed us to connect with each other. Was so accurate in all aspects of our reading and tremendous help. From our experience we speak very highly of Eva Theta healing work.

Mahesh Mistry , UK

I had a few sessions with Eva and I find her very gentle. Her approach is very calming, she just makes you feel at peace. On my last session we were working on my blocks around speaking for myself, being able to open up and to deliver my thoughts to others. After the session I actually felt lighter in my throat and chest area and I just kept smiling and felt very happy. Thank you Eva.

– Helen , London

Eva is an amazing healer! She is really psychic and intuitive, in few minutes she can see what is the issue causing the physical problem and she knows what is going on in my life even before I have time to speak about it. I love the way she is able to show me the truth of the different situations that challenge me and how she align my energy, in fact I always feel light and energized after a session with Eve .  I definitely recommend her. Thank you so much.

Susie, London


Eva is somewhere in between being a human and being an Angel. This is the central point of all I have to say about her and her healings. She is not just a “human healer”. She is so connected with the spirit realm and the 5th dimentional beings, that you see, feel and sense the truth in her healings and her readings. And above all she is the most genuine sweetest loving Angel!!! Fully amazed with her, her intuition, care, support, love, her way of being and working (heart) (heart) (heart)

Irene Varinou, Greece

Eva is a wonderful ThetaHealing Practitioner. She works from the heart and is supportive, understanding and sensitive to your needs. Eva is very gifted and has a beautiful spirit that will lift your soul. I always have complete faith and trust working with Eva and always feel at ease working through my experiences. Thank you Eva for always allowing me to be x

T C Payen, London

Eva is one of the most gifted and wise healers I’ve ever met. She has a very gentle but firm energy and is highly intuitive. Eva has a unique way of being able to show you things from a higher perspective. She works with such grace and ease and always leaves you feeling uplifted and empowered.
I’ve had several sessions with Eva and the shifts in my life from her sessions have been countless. Eva works closely with the Angels and you can literally feel the angelic presence around her.
Thank you, Eva…I’m truly blessed to have met you.

R.S, London